Sports Capacity Assessment

Maximize your personal capacity in sports

Sports is competition at its purest – how can you get better is the key question at all times.

Are you thinking of how to keep developing?

Do you find yourself sometimes second guessing yourself? Or feeling a bit lost? Not sure how to respond to the demands of the environment you are in? Or are you one of those who is doing great? Or are you something in between?

In any case, you always have a chance to get better, right?


You want to do better. Get better. Succeed. The only way to test how good you can get is to get the best out of you. That is why it is crucial to know your tendencies – are you missing some of your strengths or overlooking one of your weaknesses?

Our promise is to give you valid information about yourself that helps you get closer to your maximum capacity in sports. This is how it happens:

First step: Contact me and I send you the log in for the Sports Capacity Assessment.

Second step: Take the SCA test that measures how you are currently using 18 competencies.

Third step: Reflection – you get about 40 pages of customized info about yourself designed to help you to maximize those competencies.


The mistake I made (and many of us) cost me a lot of time and energy.

I felt like I was not enough for too long.

Only later I discovered that the strengths we have and need are already in us. I did not lack anything (nor do you). We need to know our strengths and challenges – ourselves – more fully, the earlier the better.

Knowledge is power here.

This is why the assessment was created. To help athletes to understand themselves and the ways they do things better. To find out more about who you are, what comes naturally to you, what doesn’t and how to possibly approach both of those.

Evolve. Evolve intrinsically to succeed.


This tool has been made for all level athletes and teams in sports by one of the leading behavioural analysis companies in the world, Extended DISC, together with professional athletes and coaches.

As a result, we believe that this assessment

helps you to have better self-awareness to expose your blind spots as well as identify and reinforce your strengths better than before

which make you more efficient in the future.

Efficiency and knowledge of self are major parts of success.

I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion” – Billie Jean King

“The number one factor that differentiates the good and the great is self-awareness.” – Keith Power


Every competitive advantage is worth gold in competition, correct?

Prices include Finnish VAT, “arvonlisävero”, 24 %.


Normal price 86 € ($94,5 U.S. dollars)

Get 30% off if you sign up with a friend (61 € / $67 U.S. dollars)

122 € if you take the DiSC personality test and the Sports Capacity Assessment together!


Team pricing depends on the number of athletes in the team, minimum is 10.

You can choose between one time test or a yearly license that allows you to test as many people, as many times as you want.

But the same offer is valid, sign up two teams and get 30 % off!



“It is 86 euros dude… I will buy new shoes with that money.. “

“I think I want to study on my own, how would I know if that is worth my time?”

“Well… Sure the test sounds good but what is your role and qualifications..?”

Ok I see your concerns and here are my answers. The money you put into yourself and your mental development is an investment that pays back. Think of how many running shoes have you bought in the past years and perhaps spent more than 86 euros for them… This knowledge will also stay with you much longer than those sneakers.

It saves time, you don’t have to go through as many books and research as we did to learn all this – it is like a summarized personal development tool for sports. Tailored to you, providing more meaningful information to you than just the general article about optimism for example. It is worth it if you are ready to dive in and put your effort in it.

Lastly, my qualifications shortly are a Master’s degree of Social Sciences in Sport from the University of Jyväskylä, played years of professional volleyball in three different countries as well as represented my country on the National Team. Mental side has been my passion and studying it has helped me to come out as a winner from many battles. I also completed a High Performance Mindset course last year done by Compete to Create.

My role is to debrief the reports with you and give further help with the process if needed and wanted. Sometimes those 40 pages might feel overwhelming or something does not match, that’s where I can help. I was creating and writing the content for this so I know quite much about it 🙂

Check the couple testimonials below..

“I have been sitting hundreds of hours in the Finnish Olympic Committee talking about athletes’ paths to the top – and we have never thought about it from this point of view. This is REVOLUTIONARY!”


“I found this tool extremely useful. You learn to know yourself better as a person and that, in return, helps you perform better. It’s pretty comprehensive, but the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it.”


Now I am flipping the questions back to you: do you have time to invest in developing yourself?


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