THANK YOU for clicking to my site! I am genuinely happy about having you visit! Now I would like to imagine you have a little cup of delicious coffee or tea in front of you. Take a sip, roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath and smile.

Let me tell you something great.

Empowerment Academy stands for the vision: more empowered people who dare to lead themselves and others authentically in the sports world.

My mission therefore is to empower athletes, coaches, and teams by providing inspiring and educational material and help for them so they know how to

a) learn more about themselves,

b) lead courageously,

and c) show up authentically and with confidence, every day.

Limits belong to those who set them and I believe many of those limits come from situations if we…

don’t know who we are and what we stand for – > what is our optimal way of doing things,

don’t feel like we can truly express ourselves -> we fake or hide some part of ourselves, try to change too much and waste energy in that,

and if we are not feeling appreciated, valued, understood -> we are not going to be fully invested but instead hold onto some armor.

The goal therefore is to reinforce self-awareness, trust, and courage.

Those are the core things when creating an optimal environment to reach optimal performances. That is the sports world where athletes and coaches can thrive.

These are my ways to offer that to you, so contact me if you want to work with me and let’s have a coffee together next time! 🙂

Sports Capacity Assessment

Sports Capacity Assessment Results Summary

We help athletes, teams and coaches define how well they are using 18 competences currently and how to get the most out of their unique combination of competencies in sports. Behavioral assessment made especially for sports. We offer reports to athletes, coaches, and teams.

Extended DISC Analysis

As global experts in personal analysis, we offer scientifically validated and cutting-edge personal analysis also tailored to sports that dive into your natural behavior. The options are team assessment, coach assessment, athlete assessment, pair assessment and DISC personal analysis.


Need a webinar to inspire and/or educate your people? Let me know how could I be of service to your team, club or community. Ps. I am doing webinars at the moment with Dustin Watten so if you hurry you can book us both for a limited time! 🙂


Saana has been working for Olympic Committee in two different tasks and projects at two different times. Her professional knowledge has been excellent and she has performed the given tasks succeeding to meet with the given goals. In addition to her substance knowledge, she has gained an appreciated position in the work community due to her initiative approach, excellence in her work and her exquisite social skills. I am very happy to recommend Saana in her future endeavours as well as in her career.”

Antti Paananen, the Head of Sports Academy Program at the Finnish Olympic Committee

Working with Saana was easy because Saana took the leadership of her own task and project from day one. She is an initiative, productive, happy and social person as well as a solid professional whose work in this project was significant. She brought up new perspectives and ideas to the project making it even better. We were impressed especially with her writing skills and producing content in a written form. Best example of her know-how in this area are her written pieces in the book called “Becoming an Elite Athlete” (Kehity Huippu-urheilijaksi) produced by the Olympic Committee.

Jarno Parikka, Specialist, Finnish Olympic Committee


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Lastly, I want to say that the success and winning are the end result of good habits. The better you know yourself, how you work, what are your tendencies, what works the best for you, what does not – the better habits you are building to get to your goals.

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